Travel Agents in Demand due to COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19’s first victim was the hospitality industry and did it ever feel the effects of the virus!

Those that had vacations planned for this year were faced with fears and uncertainties that included possible loss of deposits on future trips, quarantining requirements upon entering states and countries, and overall safety concerns.

If you did not work with a travel agent in planning your vacation you may have been in crisis mode attempting to get through to companies with call centers that were challenging to reach or hotels with limited resources due to furloughs.

Local travel agents that have personal relationships with their clients were able to continue to work while using social distancing guidelines returning calls and processing refunds.

Over the past few months, agents have taken the time to educate their clients about dream destinations to inspire future safe travel.

As the United States is opening and Europe has opened for their citizens we are beginning to be inundated with questions from new clients as to how to book travel and what will be required to ensure safety.

Once a simple trip to see a family member across the country is no longer a simple task.

Travel agents often work with partners to be able to offer travel insurance which may be in demand now more than ever as money is tight for a lot of people and a lot of people are coming to terms with the fact that “the unexpected is expected.”

Travel agents that have a true passion for travel and niche for customer service will have also taken this time to gain additional travel certifications educating themselves in cruising, international travel, or tours.

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