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Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner, Join the FUN, it’ll be a Zinger!

It will not be a festival, but you might eat some vegetables.  We hope it’ll be memorable, for sure it will include some Edibles!

From city-wide to countryside, there’s really no need to accessorize;  The day will be relaxable, so wear your clothes that are most com-fort-able.

We won’t be going to Canada, but still you’ll want your camera.  We won’t be visiting a Concert Hall, but we promise it’ll be Friendly, ya’ll.

The walking will be minimal, but the treats will be plentiful!  There may even be some candy; Now wouldn’t that be dandy!

Come on now, don’t be skeptical, dare to experience the unpredictable. 

So invite your friends, invite your family, bring them all, make ’em feel like royally! 

Be it sun or be it rain, it might make you feel like a kid again!

Strategy and planning future

We wish we could tell you what we will do, but that’s for us to know & can only give you THIS CLUE!   



 Now if we could, we’d give you more Tips,

But that’d be Silly … It’s A MYSTERY TRIP!!


$74 per person


We’ll leave from Carlisle at 8:45am & return approximately 6:00pm

The day will include:  Roundtrip Transportation * Mystery Itinerary * Lunch * Treats * Taxes * Gratuities  (and Friendships too!)


Spend the day having fun on this MYSTERY TRIP with us!