RUN FOR YOUR WIFE! at Hunterdon Hills Playhouse

  A meek and mild taxi driver, who is unable to say “no” to a woman in need, finds himself with wives in two different areas of London!  Over the years, he has been able to keep his dual lives separate – with no one the wiser – because of his astonishing ability to adhere to exacting timetables in his irregular work schedule. Then one day, the taxi driver’s schedule is knocked askew by a couple of hours, and he has the brakes suddenly applied on his slippery life style.  Complication is piled upon hilarious complication as the cabby frantically tries to keep his double life from exploding!


  RUN FOR YOUR WIFE, starring EDDIE MEKKA  (a.k.a Carmine “The Big Ragu” Ragusa from the classic TV show “Laverne & Shirley”, is a highly successful, fast-paced comedy that left audiences rolling in the aisles in London and New York! 
                                                                                                                                                                     “Virtually continuous laughter.” – The New York Post


  Roundtrip Transportation from Carlisle

  Hot Served Lunch*  |  Dessert Buffet  |  Show 

  Taxes & Gratuties


*Lunch Menu will consist of your Choice of 1 of the following: Roast of Prime Rib, Salmon w/Lemon Dill Sauce, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Roast Turkey w/Stuffing, Eggplant Rollatini or Roasted Vegetable Kabob (GF)


$117 Per Person

Depart Carlisle at 8:30am | Return approximately 6:00pm

Itinerary subject to change as deemed necessary.  Journease Travel is not responsible for change in performers/performance/menu.

Something’s AFOOT


The show is loopy and fun, and even garnered an Olivier Award nomination for Best Musical in London. 

somethings afoot


A zany, entertaining show that takes a satirical poke at Agatha Christie mysteries. 

An old English mansion. somethings-afoot-cast-citadel-theatre

A raging thunderstorm. 

Ten strangers. 




Murder, mystery, music, and comedy abound when the guests disappear one by one – knocked off by cleverly fiendish devices.  Join the fun as Miss Tweed, the amateur sleuth, sets out to solve the crimes … but we bet the butler didn’t do it!

For those that loved Clue and Shear Madness, you’re sure to love Something’s Afoot !

Trip Includes:

    Roundtrip Motorcoach from Carlisle
    Lunch Buffet w/Gourmet Dessert Bar
    Tax & Gratuities

$94 Per Person

Museum of the Bible & Dinner at Mountain Gate Family Restaurant





Museum of the Bible is an innovative, global & educational institution whose purpose is to invite all people to engage with the history, narrative and impact of the Bible, throughout the world.             

    This is not your typical museum, you’ll be immersed from the very first steps!   

Nearly a decade in the making, the doors are finally open!



From the very first steps, visitors are welcomed through two 40-foot high bronze panels surrounded by an architectural re-creation of the printing bed of the first pages of Genesis in Latin from the Gutenberg Bible.

Within the walls of this engaging world-class museum, experience the saga of a family as told through time, generations, and covenants, as you take a Hebrew Bible Walk-Through.  Next, Jesus’ disciples recount the story of how a community, connected by faith in Jesus, began and spread, with their growth, being fueled by a belief that God is leading people, from all ethnicities, home through Jesus, in the New Testament Theater. Be inspired by the Bible stories that you grew up listening to and how it connects to us still today!

From its Narrative Floor to the History and Impact Floors, using the most advanced interactive technologies, this is a museum like no other in the world!

Lunch, on your own, is available at two unique restaurant choices, inspired by flavors of the Mediterranean, Manna or Milk + Honey Café.

On the way home, we’ll enjoy an included dinner stop at Mountain Gate Family Restaurant. 



Trip Includes:

  • Roundtrip Motor Coach from Carlisle   –  (Depart Carlisle 8:30am | Return approximately 8:00pm)

            ~ Only 1 pickup location! ~

  • Museum of the Bible Admission
  • Dinner at Mountain Gate Family Restaurant
  • Taxes & Gratuities
  • Journease Travel Group Leader


$ 87 per person  |  Children (6-11) $58  Not recommended for children under 6


Buddy Holly StoryThe BUDDY HOLLY STORY at Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre: Before the Beatles or the Rolling Stones ever played a note, rock ‘n’ roll was born   and popular music was forever changed by a boy from Lubbock, Texas – Buddy Holly. Get ready to rock and follow his rise up the charts, from his humble country roots to his hits like Peggy Sue, Maybe Baby, Heartbeat, Johnny B. and more!Before the Beatles or the Stones ever played a note, rock & roll was born and popular music was forever changed by the bespecled kid from Lubbock, Texas—Buddy Holly. See the man, hear the music and relive the life of a legend! Get ready to rock as you watch Buddy backstage and at the recording studio. Follow his rise up the charts from his humble country music roots to his hits Not Fade Away, Peggy Sue, Words of Love, Oh Boy, Maybe Baby, Peggy Sue Got Married, Heartbeat, It Doesn’t Matter Anymore, Rave On, Johnny B. and more.Before the Beatles or the Stones ever played a note, rock & roll was born and popular music was forever changed by the bespecled kid from Lubbock, Texas—Buddy Holly. See the man, hear the music and relive the life of a legend! Get ready to rock as you watch Buddy backstage and at the recording studio. Follow his rise up the charts from his humble country music roots to his hits Not Fade Away, Peggy Sue, Words of Love, Oh Boy, Maybe Baby, Peggy Sue Got Married, Heartbeat, It Doesn’t Matter Anymore, Rave On, Johnny B. and more.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


$92 per person

Includes: Roundtrip Transportation from Carlisle; Lunch Buffet; Gourmet Dessert Bar; Taxes & Gratuities



White Christmas

Irving Berlin’s WHITE CHRISTMAS at    DADTwidelogo     

Based on the beloved movie, veterans Bob and Phil are a successful song and dance team when they meet a sister duo and follow them to an inn in Vermont. They discover it’s owned by their old General who fell on hard times, so they decide to put on a show to save the Inn and their General’s future. This Irving Berlin score features Blue Skies, Sisters, Count Your Blessings and the favorite White Christmas.

 It’s a must-see classic in a lavish musical that the New York Times says to “put on your wish list.”  Full of dancing, laughter and some of the greatest songs ever written!    

$94 per person  | $45 children under 17

Includes:  Roundtrip transportation from Carlisle, “Holiday-Inspired” Dinner Buffet with a gourmet dessert bar, Journease Travel Leader, Taxes & Gratuities


question mark_smaller

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner, Join the FUN, it’ll be a Zinger!

It will not be a festival, but you might eat some vegetables.  We hope it’ll be memorable, for sure it will include some Edibles!

From city-wide to countryside, there’s really no need to accessorize;  The day will be relaxable, so wear your clothes that are most com-fort-able.

We won’t be going to Canada, but still you’ll want your camera.  We won’t be visiting a Concert Hall, but we promise it’ll be Friendly, ya’ll.

The walking will be minimal, but the treats will be plentiful!  There may even be some candy; Now wouldn’t that be dandy!

Come on now, don’t be skeptical, dare to experience the unpredictable. 

So invite your friends, invite your family, bring them all, make ’em feel like royally! 

Be it sun or be it rain, it might make you feel like a kid again!

Strategy and planning future

We wish we could tell you what we will do, but that’s for us to know & can only give you THIS CLUE!   



 Now if we could, we’d give you more Tips,

But that’d be Silly … It’s A MYSTERY TRIP!!


$74 per person


We’ll leave from Carlisle at 8:45am & return approximately 6:00pm

The day will include:  Roundtrip Transportation * Mystery Itinerary * Lunch * Treats * Taxes * Gratuities  (and Friendships too!)


Spend the day having fun on this MYSTERY TRIP with us!  


Million-Dollar-Quartet (1)

Totem Pole_Logo


On December 4, 1956, history was made when four young musicians gathered at Sun Records in Memphis and an extraordinary twist of fate would become one of the greatest impromptu jam sessions ever.  Million Dollar Quartet brings that legendary December night to life with an irresistible tale of broken promises, secrets, betrayal and celebrations that is both poignant and funny; a night when Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash came together to make music and ending up making history!

The day will begin leaving Carlisle at 10:00 am, with a delicious lunch stop at HICKORY BRIDGE FARM, with their famous oven fried chicken on the menu!  This unique country retreat tucked away in Adams County has been serving their abundant family-style meals from the charm of a 165 year old barn, and using only fresh ingredients and local wines, since 1977.
Following lunch, it’s just a short drive to the TOTEM POLE PLAYHOUSE, where we’ll be taken back in time to a day when history was made in the music world!

$83 per person

Includes:  Roundtrip transportation from Carlisle, Family-Style Lunch, Show Performance, Journease Travel Leader, Taxes & Gratuities












At first, all you hear is the clip clop of a team of horses; then, it all comes into view – passing through is the Caisson Platoon of the 3rd Infantry Regiment, a.k.a. the Old Guard, the oldest infantry unit in the United States Army.  A team of horses, either black or white, and several specially selected servicemen comprise this particular group; the Soldiers that ensure a service personnel’s final resting place is held in the highest regard.

This day at Arlington will be spent touring Arlington National Cemetery, with a private talk with a Tomb Sentinel, followed by a tour of the Caisson Platoon Barn, learning about the daily care of these special horses and how one becomes selected for this elite team.  Before heading home for the evening, we’ll be entertained with the Twilight Tattoo, an hour-long, live-action military pageant featuring Soldiers from the 3rd Infantry Regiment, a.k.a. The Old Guard, The U.S. Army Band, The U.S. Army Blues, The Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps, and The U.S. Army Drill Team.




$78 Per Person