Planning your Honeymoon?

Getting married is one of the ultimate milestones in life and we are honored when we get to help with honeymoon planning!
It’s such an exciting time, and with so much to do, planning a trip in the midst of it all can be overwhelming … the great news is that’s where we come in!
We would love to help you plan your dream honeymoon and make a lasting memory for you and your glowing spouse.

Where do you start?

Step 1: When?
When should someone start planning for their honeymoon and on top of that when do you have time with all there is to do with planning the wedding?

More commonly couples tend to start planning for their honeymoon the moment they lock in all their wedding day plans, or shortly thereafter. As travel advisors, we suggest scheduling an appointment to speak with us between 8-10 months before the big day. We understand that it is a lot of work but that is what we are here for and the sooner you book the better.

Step 2: Where?
Ohhh, the big question (honeymoon question that is, not to be confused with the BIG question!) – where do you want to celebrate your honeymoon? Some may say that would be the first step, and arguably that is correct, how can you plan a when without a where? But we’ll get to that!  The most common honeymoon destination is tropical, with the number one location being Mexico. However, there are numerous other destinations to choose from! Think of a romantic week walking along the cobblestones of Rome, taking a train to the Amalfi coast to bask in the sun on the Italian beaches and having a light lunch at a beautiful café in Positano. Or a sunset dinner cruise around the Greek Isles after spending a few days exploring the landmarks of Athens. Maybe it’s adventure you desire, so why not jet off to where you can start your day with a safari, followed by a delightful brunch in the bush, and wrapping it up by sharing a delta sunset and dinner under the stars. Whether it’s a yurt, lodge, resort, or cruise ship, maybe the breathtaking scenery of Alaska….
Ahhh, the possibilities are endless, and we can help make it happen!  “The World Is Your Oyster” as they say!

Step 3: How?
We have tackled the when and where, but what about the HOW? How are you going to make this all happen; and how are you going to get this all accomplished while you are in the midst of planning a wedding? Well the HOW is the easiest part …your answer is US!

First, we schedule a “Discovery” appointment, where we’ll ask some questions, allowing us to get to know a little about you and your expectations. Then while you continue on with planning that special day, we get to work on planning your memorable honeymoon. It’ll be a back and forth process, until we have fine-tuned that itinerary just how you want it, guiding you to ensure that you don’t miss any important steps along the way.

Step 4: Execution
You’ve gotten engaged to the love of your life, you pick that wedding date, you pick the venue, and then you pick us to be your travel advisors!

We will confirm and manage all the transportation & accommodations, along with any fun activities and special meals that you may want to include as a “must-do”. We’ll guide you to make certain you have all the proper documentation that will be required for traveling and monitor for any changes and/or travel restrictions or regulations you may need to know, specific to your destination.
Simply, we’ll take care of all the travel details, so all you have to do is pack, arrive, and enjoy your honeymoon!

Allow us to create the perfect Honeymoon just for you! 

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